Members Directory

Please find below an alphabetical list of all members who choose to be in the magicians directory. This includes all those who are listed in the various areas of the Find a Magician page.

Members in this directory may not actively perform outside of their own churches due to retirement or limitations on their time.

Adrian Ward     Andrew Jeffery    Barry Birchall    Bob Hill    Bob Holland    Brian Cupples    Brian Hodge    Brian Mitchell    Chris Lee    Dave Glover    David Gardner    David Hatch    David Mather    David O’Connor    Denis Clark    Dr Matt Pritchard    Elwyn Harries    Gerald Hughes    Graham Nunn    Ian Hutch    James Ruben Horsley    Jason Westmoreland    Jean Purdy    John Beales    Jon Bonner    joyce Mabb    Julie Carpenter    Mark Burgess    Mark Harrington    Neil Keeble    Paul Morley    Peter Cooper    Peter Gardner    Philip Sweeting    Reg Rainbow    Richard Maddams    Rick Newby    Rob Butcher    Ron Smith    Simon Cooper    Simon Williams    Steve Price   Steve Thomson   Stuart Risdale    Terry Lawton    Tony Jackson    Tony Southwick   Volker de Haas