Statement of Purpose

Dear Reader

Please find below the statement of purpose for Christian Magicians UK

Christian Magicians UK is a Christian based interdenominational group made up of magicians and supporters from a wide range of different Christian churches and denominations.

The purpose of Christian Magicians UK is: To advance the Christian faith through magic tricks, illusions and allied arts. In particular but not exclusively by providing conferences, workshops, lectures, publications and regional events. For the purpose of this clause ‘allied arts’ includes in particular but not exclusively balloon modelling, circus skills, sketch boarding, puppetry and escapology.

We aim to do this by: Christian Magicians UK provides resources and training to enable the membership to promote the Christian faith by creative communication.

Christian Magicians UK organises an annual conference for Christians who are magicians to learn and be encouraged in the art of using magic tricks, illusion and allied arts. Workshops, Lectures, Regional Events and Publications are also organised to assist our members. Christian Magicians UK is governed by elected Trustees. The Christian Magicians UK Constitution provides the framework of the organisation.

Code of ethics

  1. Members should respect the creations of others; ideas from lectures are offered as ideas on which to expand and encourage one’s own creativity. Material from someone else’s program is generally not regarded as material to take intact and add to your own performance.
  2. Members should strive to protect the secrets of magic tricks/illusions from the general public. This includes the publishing of magical secrets, as well as teaching or exposing magical secrets without the express rights of the inventor or creator.
  3. Members should strive for excellence in wardrobe and make-up as well as performance. Their character and wardrobe should be as individualised as possible. As a representative of the variety arts, one should strive to dress in appropriate clean and neat attire unless the character is meant to be unkempt or shabby.
  4. Members should maintain their Christian standard and/or witness at all times.
  5. Members should never video or audio tape, (or record by any other means of retrieval), another person’s program without specific permission from the performer. The material recorded shall be used only for the purpose for which the permission is granted.
  6. Members should not advertise or distribute items or routines of which they have no commercial rights. All sales and distribution of products and other materials should be done within the proper guidelines, and with respect for the convention personnel, regardless of whether or not it is an Christian Magicians UK event.
  7. Members need to be aware of the humane treatment of live animals used in their programs and practice such treatment with their animals.


Christian Magicians UK takes the protection of children and vulnerable adults seriously please see our safeguarding policy