Conference 2016

2016 conf group photo

Every journey starts with a single step and who would have thought our journey with the FCM would be such a long one? This year the FCMUK celebrated its 29th conference and all due to that single step we took with the FCM. Over that time the FCMUK has grown and change direction many times, but always with the same Christian ethos and the support of the FCM. Just as a child grows up and leaves the family home, we now need to make the same move and continue the rest of the journey on our own.

Today at the AGM of the FCMUK, we voted unanimously to start the process of being an independent group under the working name of “Christian Magicians UK”

The possess won’t be a quick one. However we will have completed the change by the end of the year. We wish the International FCM our best wishes for the future. We will still share and actively promote them on our website and news feeds so watch this space.

John Archer show 016The 2016 conference was the second year that a formal children’s conference ran alongside the main one. We had 14 volunteers help with this so a big thank you to all who helped. The theme for this year was quality and that was reflected in starting the conference with a very capable Barry Birchall who not only lost most of his hair but also some of his weight during a performance that looked very similar to Steve Prices. John Archer then gave a lecture and finished Monday with fantastic show number 1

winner FCMUK stage competition 2016Congratulations to Steve price who was this years Stage competition winner.

Steve is one of our most accomplished performers and this year was the toughest competitions we have had for a decade. The standard of all entries was extremely high with both UK and international acts represented.

Steve combined some of his trademark set pieces with a simple message that really hit home with the audience and judges alike. Fantastic magic and simple Gospel from a true professional.

Mark Shortland 2016 lectureThe workshops were well attended with cards rings, performance tips and puppetry included. Circus skills were also available to be learnt. Mark Shortland’s card workshop was very well received and ran on two days to meet demand.

We are blessed to have such a rich pool of professionals within our fellowship to tap into in this way. Mark along with the other workshop leaders gave their time willingly over the next days showing and refining the points individually with delegates as requested. This is what makes the conference such a friendly and such a usfull resource to those who attend

Scott Penrose 2016 public showScott Penrose was fantastic as the public shows headline act. Our very own Simon Williams had the unenviable task to follow him on stage but pulled it off wonderfully with a comic genius that is pure Williams. Finishing the show was Dominick Zwolinski. His sponge balls and twin glass routine were a joy to behold and the public appreciated the quality of performance enthusiastically.

All moneys collected went to the Plumbing fund

Gardini lecture 2016

Lectures are the way we can showcase the way we think about our magic. Not only what tricks we choose, but how to present and perform them. More importantly to those of our members who are gospel magicians is how we can use these to illustrate our love for Jesus. Peter Gardini had proved he could do this in the past and again excelled this year. Other lecturers included Scott penrose, Dominik Zwolinski, John Archer, Brian Cupples and Richard Colpus.

comedy and young macian, dennis and charlieDennis Clark was winner of this years Pete McCahon Award for outstanding comedy. The comedy Award is not allocated every year and once nominated must be approved by committee. Not only was Dennis a winner of the award, but he was also a winner with the children’s group.

Charlie was the deserved winner of the young magicians trophy for the second year running. Also winning the presidents award for “If we had an award for open mic Charlie would have won it award”

Charlie was up against some stiff competition this year as Dennis was also nominated for the young magicians award!  It was good to see so many youngsters at the conference this year showing off their remarkable skills.

Volker in 2016 stage showIt is with great pleasure that the committee would like to announce the awarding of lifetime membership to Volker De Hass. Volker has been a very supportive member of the FCMUK and FCM Germany. He is a very accomplished magician, teacher and friend to all at conference.

This year despite having to fly in from Germany Volker took a masterclass in the linking rings, provided us with  delightful stage puppet and magic presentation and gave a full two hour lecture to the children’s group on science and magic. Truly dedicated to magic being not just tricks but an art form we are proud and privileged to permanently call him one of our own.