Conference 2017

2017 Group Photo 960 x 260The first Christian Magicians UK conference also happened to be what would have been the 30th FCMUK conference so it had to be the best ever and it did not disappoint. Taking place between the 13 and 17 February 2017 at Hoddesdon it was attended by just over 100 delegates from the UK and beyond.

2017 The Ever Wonderful Steve Price Wins the Christian Magicians UK close up trophySteve Price won the close up competition which had a very high standard of entry. There were a few new faces involved which was great to see and the level of magic performed was excellent from all competitors. The format was slightly different this year as was the scoring. Both worked very well and may well be introduced for future competitions. It is good to see such a great professional in action, well done Steve.
2017 Cam wins the young Magicians Award at Christian Magicians UKCam (Cameron Welsh) won the young magicians award. This is awarded to anybody under 25. Decided by committee, age is taken into consideration. Cam did an excellent job in this category beating others doing card tricks on unicycles and a seven year old who can do sponge balls better than half the adults. Its great to have the youth workers and children involved. The younger children helped to finish the conference with a small show and even caught out our president with a Barry Gibb silk (don’t ask, you had to be there!)
2017 David O'Connor receives the Pete McCahon Comedy Magic AwardDavid O’Connor was presented with the Pete McCahon award for outstanding comedy. This award is not presented every year so , it has to be nominated for by delegates AND make it past committee. It is a real honour for anybody to receive . Past winners include our very own Dennis, Baz, Mark Shortland, to name but a few.

The conference was Kicked off by Barry Birchall the president followed by a magical presentation by the always wonderful Mark Shortland. Start right lead by Bernie French started each days proceedings, its always good to praise and errrrr…… Start right. Main Lectures were provided by Joshua Jay, Andi Gladwin, Steve Gore, Nathan Ward, Dave Allen and Adrian Ward. The last three performing in a well attended public show. Members also contributed ideas for parable tricks in the morning

 2017 Mark Shortland intro  2017 Johua Jay 1  2017 Andy Gladwin 2 .2017 Dave Allen 1  2017 Nancy and Mark
 2017 steve gore 1  2017 dave Allen 2  2017 Nathan Ward 4  2017 Adrian Ward lecture 3  2017 Nathan Ward 2

The evening shows were exceptional. Richard Colpus provided the first nights Game show evening in which the audience all took part. We have had a couple of game shows in the past but Richard raised it to the next level (I can say this as I did the last ones). I loved it and so did everyone of the delegates. Mark Shortand then pitched Andi Gladwin & Joshua Jay against Barry Birchall and David O’Connor in a magic Panel Game. This was followed by the public show with the close up competition providing the last nights entertainment

 2017 gameshow 5  2017 gameshow 3  2017 Mark Shortland Presents the Magic Panel Show  2017 magic panel show Balls Game  2017 Magic Panel Show 1
 2017 show 3  2017 show 4  2017 show 5  2017 show 6  2017 gameshow 4

Austin presented a showtime similar to the magic parlour we have had in the past which included amongst other things juggling. A big thanks to Austin and all the performers as many were asked during conference to take part. To pull off a show like this at short notice is no mean feat.

 2017 thursday showtime 2  2017 thursday showtime 7  2017 Thursday Showtime 3  2017 Thursday Showtime 6 .2017 Thursday Showtime 4

Finally the best kept secret of the conference; David O’Connor presented his 40 minute stage show, He then sat in the front row of the audience and for the next 50 minutes was critiqued by Steve Price and Mark Shortland from the stage. David was given no chance to come back on what was said and this was 90 minutes of pure gold as the delegates were shown how to make a real performance better. This was an exceptionally brave thing for all three of our members to do… or was it? This is how professionals improve themselves. All we did was to show the process publicly. Whatever your thoughts on this I doubt there was not one delegate who did not gain from Mark and Steve’s exceptional wisdom and insight into all things magical and performance.

 2017 David O'Connor Magician  2017 David O'Connor Magician CA  2017 David O'Connor receives the Pete McCahon Comedy Magic Award  2017 David O'Connor Magic Mindreading  2017 David O'Connor Magic Show MCD

Of course the conference also has open mic, we had Mark Shortland doing a magical surgery to help other with tricks they were having issues with. Late night sessions, fellowship and good food. Lots of coffee, cake, more magic, more coffee, kids program (a big thanks to all those involved in that). I hope the pictures below can do it justice…… DONT MISS THE NEXT ONE

 2017 Thursday showtime 1  2017 Adrian Ward lecture 1  2017 Adrian Ward lecture 2  2017 Adrian ward lecture 4 .2017 Adrian Ward MC
 2017 AGM  2017 Andi Gladwin 3  2017 Andi Gladwin and Johua Jay Magic panel show  2017 Andy Gladwin 1  2017 Barry Birchal and David O'Connor magic panel show
 2017 baz open mic  2017 Bob finishes conf  2017 bob hill  2017 Bob open mic  2017 cam cubes
 2017 chilling  2017 close up 1  2017 close up 2  2017 close up 3  2017 close up 4
 2017 close up 5  2017 close up 6  2017 close up 7  2017 close up 8  2017 close up line up
 2017 commitee  2017 Dave Allen 3  2017 dave Allen 4  2017 David O'Connor and Baz Magic Panel Show  2017 David O'Connor Magic Panel Show
 2017 gala 1  2017 gala 2  2017 gala 3  2017 gala 4  2017 gala 5
 2017 gala cake  2017 gameshow 1  2017 gameshow 2  2017 gudrun open mic  2017 jam 1
 2017 jam 2  2017 jam 5  2017 jam 4  2017 jam 3  2017 Joshu and baz Magic panel show
 2017 kids 1  2017 kids 2  2017 mark and nancy 2  2017 magic panel show Balls Game  2017 love this pic
 2017 Nathan Ward 3  2017 Marks Surgery  2017 Nancy Intro  2017 parlour 1  2017 open mic 2
 2017 Nathan Ward 1  2017 russel 2  2017 Peter Cooper  one-way-uk  conf2017