Conference 2018

This year Hoddesdon was again the venue for another fantastic year, This was the second under our new name of Christian Magicians UK and was another fantastic event.

Congratulations to Cam Welsh for winning a very closely contested stage competition during the conference week.

The Pete McCahon Award for comedy was also won by Simon Williams which we hope to be presented at his local club in Reading

The Conference was started off with prayer and worship with Adrian Ward providing the magical entertainment. This was followed by the first of our lectures and what a lecture it was. Audience engagement was our first subject from FISM winning Richard McDougal. The day ended with the now familiar monday night gameshow hosted by Richard Colpus and supported by David O’Connor.


Neil Keeble was one of three members who presented a “my way” slot followed by lectures by Nathan Ward. It was then the Tuesday Event with Vanishing Inc. So successful last year Andi Gladwin again delighted us supported this year by a simply stunning lecture by Ben Earl. In all my years of magic this was the best presented lecture of such simplistically and wonderfully constructed effects that I have had the privilege of attending. Mark Shortland lived up to his title of the best kept secret in magic as he joined them in the show, fooling Ben into the bargain!!!


The conference continued with some special moments. Simon Williams winning the Comedy award for his evening show performance ably supported by Boris the KGB mind reader (Joe Ridgely). One of my highlights was turning a pig round by Dennis. You had to be there. Three simple seconds remembered forever. Nathan Ward again assisting with lecture duties and giving us all food for thought. The conference was bought to an end by Boris again and Dr Matt Pritchard who finished the Friday with two fantastic science and magic lectures. If you can make it next year please do, it will be another fanastic opportunity for fellowship, learning and fun.