Fellowship of Christian Magicians

fcm-web-logoStarting in the USA as the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, Christian Magicians UK evolved from FCMUK which in turn evolved from FCME (Europe). To comply with the UK Charity Laws, FCMUK had to reluctantly separate from the parent FCM international (USA) and became Christian Magicians UK in 2016 who are at this time actively seeking charitable status.

“We will be forever grateful for the fantastic start they gave us.” Christian Magicians UK 2016

A short History of the International Fellowship of Christian Magicians by Bob Hill

bob hill photoThe Fellowship of Christian Magicians began in a small church in San Francisco, California, in 1953.  There were about 30 adults there and a handful of children.  Some had travelled as far as 200 miles to get to the gathering.  They all had in common a desire to use magic effects as object lessons in serving the Lord.  James Knorr, pastor of the church, acted as the convener, and during the evening participants were asked if they wanted to organize.  So they organized with James Knorr as president and Stan Adair as vice president.  Stan kept encouraging and starting chapters of the Fellowship of Christian magicians until into his 90s, and died in 2015.

volka de haas photoThe initial concern was not so much advertising, forming chapters, or conventions, but was how to deal with the negative reactions of some conservative believers concerning the use of magic in their churches.  Those participating helped each other deal with such issues, as well as learning showmanship and presentation skills, and also helping to develop Gospel applications to various magic effects.

Over the years the FCM International grew, to where today there are chapters in 23 countries and every one of the United States.  Their annual conferences have raised the caliber of performance of Christian magicians, and many of their members do shows in other countries as missionary outreach projects.

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