Should we do Magic?

The word MAGIC is perhaps the largest source of confusion. We can find at least two meanings for the word magic in the dictionary. First we find:

‘The art of producing effects by what are claimed to be SUPERHUMAN means via occult powers.’

Even a brief study of the Scriptures will clearly show what is given in this definition is forbidden by God. A second definition is:

‘The art of applying NATURAL causes, whose operation is secret, to produce a surprising effect.’

This defines what entertainers (called magicians or illusionists) do today. A careful study of every original Hebrew or Greek word in the Bible that has been translated wizard, sorcerer, etc. can only be defined by the first definition. It is important for Christians to realise at the outset of this discussion that the Bible does not categorically condemn magicians. Daniel, was a great prophet of God, yet his political position was that of Chief Magician in Nebuchadnezzar’s court (Daniel 5). The Greek word ‘magoi’ from which the word ‘magic’ is derived is literally translated ‘wise man’ and is used to describe the men of the east who brought gifts to the Christ Child.

Reprinted with permission of the author Toby Travis © 1995 TTM. Inc.

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